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  2. yes, not need to pay for any stories peoples automatic attract and read the stories, i think need to start from the life stories for user demand.
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  11. Delores - what you've written is a good outline for a great short story. You're a natural story teller - i'd pursue this story line. Flesh it out into something important. Ciao, JT
  12. Sang. I'm not sure if you were writing about yourself of this was a character you invented. If it's about yourself, the dream is right in front of your nose - you're a natural story teller. Just keep writing and writing and more writing and I'm sure a dream or dreams will begin to manifest themselves. Ciao, JT
  13. Good morning souleaters2 I'm surprised not to see more chapters of your writing effort since 2015. You have a gift for story telling. The names Alec and Alexis are too similar - I was confused as to who was who in the beginning. You don't want your reader confused. You might consider making a change before you go further. Make them so distinctive there won't be a problem for the reader. I would get the free program GRAMMARLY at I have a love/hate with commas. This program does a good job of letting you know when you need one and when you need to eliminate one. It connects with their mainframe, wherever that is, so you must be on line for it to function. It also does a lot of other things any writer would appreciate. Avoid he said, she said, they said, I said unless absolutely necessary. Those are red flags of an amateur. You an arrange your dialogue in such a away that the reader can follow who is saying what without being told. You have a good imagination. Use it to develope your descriptive powers so the reader knows where the character is at all times. I like the story and I'm not give to demons. Don't stop writing. Ciao, JT
  14. advocatus diaboli - You have a wonderful imagination and held my attention until the last few paragraphs - when you woke up with a jolt. You need to give more clarification to that portion of the story. I wasn't sure what was happening. Your descriptive powers are good, I knew where I was within your story and had no problem visualing. If you ever decide to revise and edit this piece - look for words that do not necessarily have to be there. Sometimes, when you reread a piece after a spell of time, those unnecesary words and phrases kind of pop out at you. By removing them you tighten up the story into a more cohesive tale. Ciao, JT
  15. Greetings from the Upper Puna of the Big Island of Hawai'i. Aloha nui loa e malama pono. Ciao, JT


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  17. Keep going, man. Don't stop. To live the dream you have to chase it a little. I would start after it right now!
  18. Keep going, man. Don't stop. To live the dream you have to chase it a little. I would start after it right now!
  19. i just started and was wondering if we get paid to write stories
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